Many banks will accept a simple letter of authorization. Also avail greater financial freedom with this card. • A three-month payment holiday applies to new loans and credit cards with a 50 per cent reduction in charges. Complimentary lounge access to various airports with lounge key. Provide the following details to get a quick response. I am unemployed since August 2017 and my monthly EMI is deducted from my gratuity. Avail credit shield protection with this card. Avail special privileges like Dubai First Dining, Dubai First health and awareness, Dubai first luxury privileges and Dubai first easy payment plans. Complimentary airport lounge access worldwide, 50% discount on movie tickets in cinemas across the UAE, Access to select premium health clubs across the UAE, Complimentary multi-trip travel insurance, Up to 3.5% Cashback on every day spends in the UAE and abroad, 5% Cashback on all dining and entertainment spends in the UAE and abroad. Please feel free to contact us. The minimum salary required for a Dubai First Credit Card is AED 5000. ⭐ Do I get any discounts inside the amusement park? ⭐ How many Dubai First miles are provided? Pay your utility bills 24/7 with this card. Once you are done with the appointment of a representative, the next step is to negotiate an amount of settlement with the bank. Get supplementary cards for your family members. But i really want my name to be cleared Get a royal treatment at Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The FAB is not only the largest bank in the UAE but also one of the largest financial institutions globally. Please advise. Book your travel on BCD Travel & pay back at 0% interest. Avail 50% off on saturdays in VOX cinemas. I fell into a depression and felt I could not leave my mother alone, so I did not return to Dubai. Avail various payment options with this card. Our lawyers and solicitors are both western and regionally educated and have practiced in a variety of countries as well as middle eastern jurisdictions. Once you have settled the account with your creditor, ask for a  no dues certificate confirming that you have repaid the entire loan. Avail 25% savings on one day tickets to any of the parks or resorts. – Police will arrest. Receive valet parking at many locations at Dubai. If something happens and you can’t meet your credit card payments, your outstanding balance will be paid off with Credit Shield Plus. This card provides a wide range of benefits and privileges that help you get more out of your holidays. from and against any losses, claims and/or liabilities incurred by Citibank NA as a result of having relied on such information. Get complete control on your finance with this card. Avail discounts on hotel reservations with this card. The interest rate of this card can range up to 3.19% depending upon your payments. If a police case will be registerted then how many days or months do I have to be jailed. Check here the list of Dubai First credit card offers. You can also enjoy easy payment plan with this card. Get complimentary multi travel insurance with this card. This can be any person you trust and can present power of attorney to on your behalf, to deal with the financial institutions or banks. Enjoy 15% discount at Amazing Rent A Car. They have an impressive range of Dubai First credit cards. The Forex rate on this card stands at 3.9%. Your email address will not be published. We don't decide any quotes, rates, or fees on any of the financial products listed on MyMoneySouq. My debts are: Credit card 1: Dh32,000. Unlimited complimentary lounge access across MENA for primary and supplementary card holders. With their sector-specific focus and innovation, they have redefined the credit cards landscape across the region. Enjoy 20% OFF at 25 Degrees North Restaurant. Yes, you can convert your payments to an easy payment plan for 0% interest rate. Avail recognition offers like HHilton offers, Langham's Elite Membership status,Chic Outlet Shopping and Knights & Lords. Our lawyers and solicitors are both western and regionally educated and have practiced in a variety of countries as well as middle eastern jurisdictions. Avail buy 1 get 1 services with this card. c) Pay through fund transfer to any of the below bank accounts for credit card and loan payments… ⭐ What are the offers provided on Dubai First credit card? You can easily pay your Etisalat and DEWA bills with this card and at anytime of the day. ⭐ Are expats eligible for the Dubai First Credit Card? Citibank, N.A. Pay for educational expenses with your Dubai First credit card and reap a host of benefits. Avail 50% off on movie tickets with this card. If even after constant persuasion, you do not regularize your loan account or credit card debt, then the bank will deposit your cheques for clearing, which they had obtained earlier from you, Once the cheques get bounced, the police authorities comes into the picture. Avail Card fraud protection and Purchase protection on all your purchases with this card. On using the Dubai First miles about 3 miles are provided on every AED spent. Eligibility for Dubai First, Check Simply follow these steps: Login to your UAE personal bank account online banking ⇒ Select local UAE Funds transfer ⇒ Enter your Dubai First card number instead of IBAN as a beneficiary and the payment amount ⇒ Proceed with the payment. - Make one retail transaction in the first 30 days of card issuance and you’ll receive AED 300 as bonus cashback. Hi, Credit cards in UAE require the cardholder to submit a security deposit in exchange for providing them with a credit limit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You get 50% off on the annual fee for the first year. required to apply for a Dubai First Credit Card . Can I still cancel her visa with her passport only ? This card comes with a built-in RTA NoI chip that enables its card members to utilize this credit card for several payments on the RTA transit network. Avail 90 days free multi trip travel insurance with this card. The reason you don’t want to hire anyone but a lawyer is that you want a good negotiator to negotiate for you. Hi, I’ve a personal loan of 57k & 25k car loan & jobless. With all the loan outstanding and credit card dues repaid, and all the clearances obtained, you journey back to the country will be smooth and enjoyable. The problem starts when you default on your repayment obligations. Receive purchase protection and extended warranty. Click here The information provided on this website does not constitute the marketing of any products or services to individuals resident in the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland, Guernsey, Jersey, Marino, San Marino, Vatican and Isle of man. Access to select health premium clubs with this card. You need a minimum salary of AED 5000 to avail this card. Also, ask for a certificate to be submitted to the police authorities confirming that you have paid the loan for removal of the police case against you. I’ve one installment pending from both loans & bank has send me a final warning stating my cheques will be bounced & a civil case will be filed falling travel ban. Advice on wat needs to be done. When a person applies for a credit card in the UAE, the issuing banks take blank cheques as an assurance for repayment of their loans. Credit card 2: Dh8,000. If you are unable to or lax with the repayment of your credit card or other loans, then it could really be bothersome in the long run and if you are in the UAE, then you would have a really tough time. You can also avail from 30 selected locations for dining, entertainment and sight seeing. Reviewers write the most about Dubai First Credit Card and give it 1.0 stars out of 5. Long story While in Bahrain I had an HSBC status account that provided me with 2 credit cards with slightly larger credit limits than normal. You have questions regarding our services? Avail special offers and discounts, with more than 200 deals on this card. In the last few years, there are many expatriates who have fled Dubai or UAE because they were unable to repay their debt. You are required to have a minimum salary of AED 10,000 to avail this card. You can book any of the experiences with our card with 60% discount on any amount. You can transfer your balance to this card at the rate of 0.69%. Avail complimentary travel insurance with this card. This generally takes about 2 weeks. Enjoy excellent savings up to 60% by travelling to most popular attractions with this card. Often times, you would have to start the procedure of obtaining a police clearance certificate by contacting your embassy and follow the set guidelines for the same. Credit card 3: Dh7,000. Call us to request for Dial-a-Cheque option on your credit card. The police will cancel the case against you. Citibank Terms and Conditions apply, are subject to change without prior notice and are available upon request. You can also enjoy the option of boost up savings with this card. Illegal Drugs Offences Procedure, Punishment and Policy in Dubai or UAE. -Kindly advise after how many months they will bounce cheque A. Worldwide acceptance and cash advance option with this card. Cc of AED 8k. Avail Q fast privileges to Bollywood Parks and Dubai MOTIONGATE. Dubai First Credit Card Min Salary-5000 AED Movies No Annual fees Dining Benefits Airmiles Golf Valet Parking Apply online for Credit Card ... Dubai First health and awareness, Dubai first luxury privileges and Dubai first easy payment plans. If yes, Please send me an email. The maximum interest can go up to 3.59% depending upon your payments. Enjoy total control of your finances with this card. Avail complimentary valet parking in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It offers a wide range of customized services, products and solutions to its customers. I have been a Dubai First customer of your credit card for a while however a few months back I wished to close the credit card. We will continue to grant loans and credit cards to all customers based on our existing policies and will offer up to a 90-day grace period for the first instalment New personal loans starting from 3.99% per year introductory variable rate – the most competitive rate in the market. Book your travel with Al-Futtaim Travel & pay back at 0% interest. Have a total control over your finances with this card. Get more from your First Abu Dhabi Bank Credit Cards with Visa and MasterCard. I can help you find the best personal loans and credit cards in UAE. CBD Super Saver Credit Card. Simply make a booking of AED 1,000 or above via, the flydubai Customer Centre or through one of flydubai’s travel shops.To find out more or to convert your purchase into a 0% instalment plan, contact RAK Bank on 009714 2130000. RAK Bank 0% Easy Payment Plan. Avail complimentary international concierge services. Avail various payment plans with this card. This card is a first card which delivers features and advantages to Emiratis. Write to us at | Urgent Calls +971506531334 +971558018669. Use Dubai First Emirati credit card at Elite Fashion & enjoy 15% discount. ⭐ How many discounted visits to the amusement park are provided? Explore our wide range of Credit Cards. Required fields are marked *. immigration will arrest me at aiport? However, certain provisions have been made for defaulting borrowers to re-enter the country in an easy manner, so long as they repay their existing debt with the banks. Use Dubai First credit card at any educational institution and repay the amount in 3 or 6 easy instalments at 0% interest. You can transfer your balance at the rate of 0.69%, within the period of 3 to 48 months. The Dubai First brand was launched in 2007 and has developed a reputation for outstanding customer service and award winning products. Mashreq Self-employed Platinum Elite Credit Card Mashreq Gold Credit Card Mashreq Classic Credit Card when they call that time i told will pay. Dubai First is fully operational out of Dubai, with branches in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Get a complete control over your finances with this card. Get protected with accident insurance with this card. It specializes in innovative and value-centric credit cards, that serve the unique characteristics of contemporary lifestyle-savvy customers. * Minimum salary AED 5000 You can now also make direct online payments using your UAE personal Bank accounts. Avail one complimentary annual pass to a chosen Park providing year long unlimited access. The content on this website is not, and should not be construed as, an offer, invitation or solicitation to buy or sell any of the products and services mentioned herein to such individuals. • Dubai Islamic Bank • FAB • Habib Bank • RAK Bank • Sharjah Islamic Bank • Standard Chartered Bank • United Arab Bank. ADCB, FAB, RAKBANK, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Dubai First, Mawarid Finance, Emirates NBD, Mashreq, Standard Charetered, Samba, Emirates Islamic, Al Hilal Bank and Dubai Islamic Bank.) Get purchase protection and extended warranty on this card. If you are unable to or lax with the repayment of your credit card or other loans, then it could really be bothersome in the long run and if you are in the UAE, then you would have a really tough time. I had a very unpleasant experience with this, even though I did not really leave any debt. Get emergency assistance for situations like Lost or stolen credit card, Emergency card replacement and payment authorization. to check loans from other banks. This is a public forum, so we request you to be safe by not disclosing personal information such as bank account or phone numbers etc. • Bank charges for the early settlement of existing loans will be cut in half. I am recently working here in UAE and my wife whose visa was under my sponsorship has left the country due to this pandemic as her company had given them unpaid leave on long terms. Recently, I moved to a new company and I had some delayed payments. You require a minimum salary of AED 8000 per month to be eligible for this card, You can avail balance transfer at the rate of 0.69%. Kindly help us in making this site useful. A. Yes, you can avail 15% off on food and beverages and 10% off on the merchandise purchased over there. However the company is not in position to re-open . Get protected from fraudulent transactions with this card. Get membership to select Health Clubs across UAE. You can also save up to 60% on travel expenses with this card. The Installment payment method is available on the following cards: All major credit cards that are issued by any of the following banks. FAB and Dubai First Credit card customers will benefit from a 50 per cent reduction on late payment fees, and from instalment programs without service fees for tuition and utility bill payments. Avail protection against fraudulent transactions on your card. Enjoy various MasterCard benefits with this card. DIB Cardholders making Eligible Purchases shall have the option to convert their purchases into an equal 6 & 12 month instalment plan for any transaction made through DIB Credit or Debit card. A. Earn Skywards Miles on all your spends, and redeem them for flights or a host of other travel and lifestyle benefits with Emirates and Emirates Skywards partners. With RAK Bank’s 0% Easy Payment Plan, you’ll be able to pay for your booking in 3-month or 6-month instalments. I agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below. Pay your credit card bills for FREE through any of our payment channels including FAB branches, FAB cash deposit machines or online using your UAE bank account. When you are outside the country, you need a person to represent yourself in UAE. Hence, it is important to have everything in black and white so that you have concrete evidence in case the banks demand some extra sum. Also. Receive 15% discount on F&B and 10% discount on merchandise inside the park. By the same time she requested to accept the resignation & settle the Gratuity which her company did and also they had kept her labour card active with the option if she is interested to join then she can once she comes back. RAK Bank: 54000 I have a personal loan of AED 121000/-. The annual fees charged on a Dubai First Credit Card is from AED 100. I have had Dubai First credit cards for at least two years. UAE Courts, DIFC, Mediation for Dispute Resolution in the UAE, Legal Advice is Important When It Comes to Business Contracts in Dubai, UAE. ... HSBC Bank Middle East Limited UAE Branch, P.O. Even though a non-lawyer would do, but won’t be that competent to read between the fine lines. Many times, the banks also directly intimate the police about the closure of the loan account. Dining, lifestyle, and much more. The bank has provided me witha deferment. Address: Citibank UAE, P.O. Please follow our posting guidelines. By inquiring about our services, offers or products, you will be authorizing our representatives to approach you on your contact details including your telephone/mobile number for any product or service offered by Citibank. Enjoy complimentary lounge access at airports in Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Check these ", All logos are trademark of their respective owner, Check For the current Terms and Conditions, please visit our website Once you have negotiated the settlement, the next part is to put everything down in writing on the bank’s letterhead and stamp. Get a 3% discount on airfares within GCC and 5% discount on airfare to other destinations. Avail Buy 1 get 1 free entertainers program. The interest rates charged on a Dubai First Credit Card starts from 3.19%. Emirates NBD: 157500 Click here required to apply for a Dubai First Credit Card . To avail this offer, book your trip with your Dubai First credit card and enter DBF followed by the first 6 digits of your credit card number as the promotion code. ... Credit card charges are rounded off to 2 … With this card you can travel to the most popular destinations and save up to 10%. Greetings , We encourage our users to have discussion on questions they might have on financial products and help other users by sharing their insights. Nominal processing fee of 3% applies. Get in touch with Dubai First Customer Care. The applicant agrees to be bound by Citibank’s General Terms and Conditions available on the website Once your cheque is bounced, then a police case is filed against you. My name is PArul Arya, i lived in UAE for 20 years but last year i had a severe loss in business hence i had to leave the country. Get 20% discount on Careem rides twice a month. So you can heave a sigh of relief that under the new laws, you would not be arrested. After the bank clearance certificate, obtain a clearance certificate from the police authorities, to clear any case pending against you. What happens if you don’t repay loan or credit card dues in UAE? Get Buy 1 get 1 free movie tickets with this card. Get electronic records of your payments and help reduce carbon foot prints. Earlier cheque bounce used to be a criminal offense in the UAE, but recent changes in the law have made cheque bouncing a civil offense. As the name suggests, CBD super saver is one of the best credit cards … Get AED 75 off every ticket on over 270 airlines and AED 100 off every room at over 75,000 hotels around the world. Dubai First Credit Card in UAE September 2020 - Total 14 Founded in 2007, Dubai First is one of the leading consumer finance companies in the UAE in the area of liability and credit card products. makes no warranties and assumes no liability or responsibility with respect to the products and services provided by partners/other entities. Avail 15% discount on F & B 10% discount on merchandise inside the Parks. * Minimum salary AED 5000 I have a personal loan with Noor Bank and my outstanding amount is AED 238,000. my total outstanding is: complete 24/7 service available with this card. Avail low interest loans by calling the bank services. Get unlimited complimentary access to Airports across MENA region with this card. Avail purchase protection and Chip & Pin security with this card. Call us at: +971 4 311 4000. to check from other banks. Avail 30% off midweek at Jebel golf club. how long i will be in jail or need to pay fine? is not required to verify the information provided by the applicant and neither is the bank obliged to provide the applicant with any loans or credit facilities based on the provided information. Enjoy complimentary access to the following airport lounge. We don't encourage any spam posts here. She has a outstanding loan of 40K with the bank and Babk has allow her for deferrment for few months. Enjoy cashback and travel priveleges and travel perks with this card. Total: Dh47,000 I am not someone who keeps anyones money. Get 2 free tickets to Dubai parks and resorts. 50% discount on movie tickets with this card. I have been unemployed since September 2019. A. Dubai First miles can be redeemed to travel and hotel benefits. *No loan for :User_Nationality available in this page. A. You can make payments at over 1100 locations with this card. Earn various reward points with this program. Pay back in 6 monthly instalments at 0% interest from Al Futtaim Watches & Jewellery, Avail assured credit card through our agents, Smart way to compare Loans, Insurances, and Bank Accounts | Assistance in choosing the right financial product | Bring awareness on financial products, The information provided on MyMoneySouq is for illustrative purposes only. I have personal loan of 25k and 3 different credit cards due as 55k, 35k abd 20k and I am jobless. Pay back at 0% interest at Medical Village. You can make payments at over 800 locations with this card. I've missed the last 9 monthly payments (I am negotiating directly with the bank). Compare our credit cards for more details before you apply. Enjoy hassle free parking at locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It takes the bank a minimum of 45 days to ensure that all dues have been cleared, no future payments are scheduled on the credit card in Dubai and to ensure the cardholder isn’t liable to pay any other charges. You require a minimum salary of AED 5000 on this card. Get up to four supplementary cards free with this card. A. But the police will keep an eye on you lest you try to flee the country. Get electronic statements for all your transactions and payments. Many times, banks are willing to offer up to 50% of waivers on your credit card or other loan outstanding if they find that you really serious about repayment. You are eligible to apply for a Dubai First Credit Card . Pay using Dubai First Credit Card. Apply now. Get premium access to health clubs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. I made the call to Dubai first and requested them to close the card, they informed me that someone would surely get in touch with me to close the card… Firstly just after 3 months on receipt of the credit card, a fraud transaction takes place and the Dubai first fraud transaction specialist calls me to inform me of the same and requested me to call the bank and request to block the card but they were unable to freeze the transaction although the merchant hadn't claimed the funds yet. You can also various financial plans starting from 0% interest rates.

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